Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime Table Talk

Our yards are the extension of our interior spaces. Open your drapes and pull up your window blinds. Suddenly the line separating these two spaces is blurred. It's time to have fun and enjoy entertaining outside in this new "room".

Whether you're having friends over for a pot luck or having a formal buffet this summer, prepare a 6'-8' long table(s) to say "wow"! Be inspired by the season and use hot Carribean colors. Lay a tablecloth of hot pink or turquoise to cover the plastic or aluminum table top. Then over this ruche a print, check or striped cloth that has a hint of the color used underneath. Let the solid colored edges of the undercloth show.

Think about the principles of good design...balance, color, rhythm, scale and texture. How can you accomplish a beautiful tablescape and incorporate the importance of each of the principles.

Be inspired by the dramatic colors of tablecloth's pattern to match plates, cups, utensils and accessories. Make it easy and purchase solid colored paper napkins to match or contrast with the tablecloths. Mix up the colors and "spin" the napkins bartender style and distribute piles on the tabletop. Add to the texture of the tablecloth ruching by assembling a summer inspired centerpiece...lemons in a clear glass containers, branches of cleaned greenery from the garden in a vase or bright potted geraniums set inside a hat! Be careful to use the right scaled centerpiece in relation to the size of the table. Use brightly colored different sized upside down bowls to set your platters on. This will create an interesting rhythm.

Your outdoor party buffet table in its new "room" is ready for the fiesta to start!

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