Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Gray"zing Through the Design House 2010

May 5th was a sunny and most exceptional spring day in the DC area. So it was interesting visiting the Design House located in Chevy Chase that day with my interior design and redesign colleagues. Interesting...why?...the colors (or lack thereof).

We walked into the impressively mammoth house decorated by interior designers with great credentials. There were high ceilings and wonderful original moldings. And then there was the "interesting" part...the sea of gray. Gray everywhere, paint, wall paper, molding, ceilings, rugs etc etc. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in a common thread to pull the rooms together. Many of them paired yellow accents with the gray. Other rooms had a black and white checkerboard floor, coral chairs, red walls, very pale lavender headboard, but still...too much gray. For me, it was hard to see beyond that tint to appreciate the furniture, floor plans and talents of the designers.

Another great part of the Design House tour beyond the weather was that the proceeds of the ticket sales were being donated to the Children's National Medical Center, better known as Children's Hospital. People come from all over to seek help and care for their youngsters. The research and special care given at this hospital is amazing. At $20 a ticket for the house tour, I'm sure that substantial funds were raised.

Enough neutral and cool...enough "gray"zing in the house. I hope the 2011 Design House offers more vibrancy!


  1. I couldn't agree more Andy. I think the feeling was supposed to be calming, but I felt a bit depressed. There were some highlights though, the dining room, the guest bedroom and the master bedroom I thought were gorgeous. Also the upstairs family room by Kelly Proxmire was gorgeous in a dark, almost black brown with white accents (Kelly did a blue and white bedroom on the Georgetown Design House last year and it was awe-inspiring. Great job on the blog, Andy, I'll be reading!

  2. The previous comment says it's from Robert - but it's from me, Andie! :)