Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronald McDonald Needed My Help

Interior Design services are sometimes needed in the least expected places. I'm at A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children visiting my grandson, Ethan. He was admitted this week with viral symptoms and loss of critical weight. Body weight is needed to help him grow inside as well as outside. Ethan needs another heart surgery but it's best if it's scheduled when his vessels are larger than his 6 months size presents.

I'm spending a lot of quality time with his big sister, Julianna, (almost 4 years old) and trying to be a help and support for my children. During my stay, Julianna and I have been staying overnight at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Wilmington, DE. It's just down the street from the hospital. I can't begin to say how wonderful this facility is...a clean private room with bathroom, help yourself breakfast and lunch and a home cooked dinner made by volunteers every day. Today, Sunday, there was a hot buffet for breakfast set up in addition to the variety of hot and cold cereals. There was scrambled eggs, French toast, fresh fruit salad, bacon and sausage. Of course, delicious McDonald's coffee was hot and fresh as it is all day long. There are tons of toys, books and play equipment for the siblings of the children in the hospital. To keep the adults distracted when they're not at the hospital, there are televisions, computer hook ups and rooms upon rooms of comfortable sofas to lounge on. There's always a smiling face from the volunteers and staff that are eager to help you with your particular situation. All this plus much more for a donation of $15 a day! I know that they must have a huge support system in place within the community and local pharmaceutical companies that contribute too. But I tip my hat to the caring and sharing staff and volunteers. Thank you Ronald McDonald House of Wilmington DE for making life a little easier for out of town grandparents!

Sunday morning there was a lot of activity at RMH. A breakfast and craft party was in progress to raise money. And at breakfast I noticed a salesman showing a woman several catalogs. I heard some catch words from the distance...colors, pattern, laminate. So in my usual way I walked over and introduced myself and the design services that I provide to clients in the DC metro area. About a half a minute passed before I was helping to select just the perfect new upholstery for the dining room chairs and new laminate with contrast edging for the dining room table tops. At least I felt I was giving back to this special community. Before we left to visit Ethan, Julianna played for a while in the room with the huge pirate ship. She busily changed the furniture and the "deck" plan on board. She became an emerging redesigner in training!

If you'd like more info about this and other Ronald McDonald Houses and how you can contribute, click on this link:

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