Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ceiling or 5th Wall?

Nowadays, the ceiling treatment of a room is considered to be the 5th wall! It's not to be ignored or just painted "ceiling white".

Create interest. Criss cross beams on a high ceiling to create a coffered effect. Paint a darker color than the walls to create height inside the beams. Another idea is to add moulding at different intervals toward the middle of the ceiling and create depth with paint. Paint the lightest color at the outside portion near walls. Then inside the first moulding paint a darker color. Add moulding again and in center paint the darkest color. This will give the appearance that the center is the highest portion of the ceiling. You can use shades of the same color, or different ones ie, pale gold on outside, medium sage inside first moulding, then burgundy red in middle.

Don't forget about fabric treatments. Create a tent in a child's room by tacking fabric at the edges near walls. Pull the fabric toward the center and create a knotted effect or nail a medallion in center to cover the ends of the fabric. Another one is to tack a long panel of fabric at edge of ceiling and wall, loop fabric, tack, loop fabric, tack. Strips of moulding can be added to cover tacks. Several of these over a bed creates a dramatic and romantic effect similar to a canopy. Don't forget that an added benefit of adding fabric to a ceiling is sound insulation.

Grab your staple gun and go forth!